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How much industrial water cooler is the most suitable for the machine?

How to choose the most suitable for their own industrial chiller, in fact, is very simple, there is a selection formula:

Cooling capacity = chilled water flow rate *4.187* temperature difference * coefficient

1. The chilled water flow rate refers to the cold water flow rate required by the machine during its work, and the unit shall be converted into liters/second;

2. Temperature difference refers to the temperature difference between the machine and the water;

3. 4.187 is quantitative (specific heat capacity of water);

4, choose the air cooled chiller to multiply the coefficient of 1.3, choose the water cooled chiller to multiply the coefficient of 1.1.

5. Select the corresponding machine model according to the calculated refrigerating capacity.

It is usually used to calculate how much the cold water machine should be equipped with P, but the most important thing is to know the rated cooling capacity. The general air cooling of 9.07KW is to choose a 3P machine. And so on. Therefore, the most important thing for the selection of industrial chiller is to find out the rated cooling capacity.