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Pay attention to the following items when installing and maintaining gate valves

1. Handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited.

2. Double gate valve should be installed vertically (that is, the stem is in a vertical position and the handwheel is at the top).

3. The gate valve with a by-pass valve should be opened before opening (to balance the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet and reduce the opening force).

4. The gate valve with transmission mechanism shall be installed according to the provisions of the product instruction manual.

5. If the valve is often used, lubricate it at least once a month. Gate valve The main standard manual knife type gate valve

(1)GB12232-89 "universal valve flange link iron gate valve"

(2)GB12234-89 "universal valve flange and butt welding connection steel gate valve"

(3)GB8486-87 "General Technical Regulations for Internal Threaded Connection Gate Valve, Stop Valve, ball Valve and check Valve"

(4)GB8465.1-87 "Internal thread connection gate valve, stop valve, ball valve, check valve basic size iron gate valve"

(5)JB/T53162-94 "Gate Valve Product Quality Grade"

(6)JB/T5298-91 "Steel Flat Gate Valve for Pipelines"

(7)JB/Z243-85 Test Rules for Gate Valve Static Pressure Life

(8)JB/TQ648-88 "Iron pair Plate Gate Valve"

(9)JB/T53200-94 "Iron Consideration Flat Gate Valve Product Quality Grade"

(10)JB/T53242-94 "Steel Flat Gate Valve Product Quality Grade"

1, the principle of closing parts (ram) along the path of the center line of the vertical direction of the move to do fully open and fully closed cutting.

2, the selection of gate valve is mainly used for cutting off or connecting the medium in the pipeline, generally not used as regulation or throttling.

3. According to different classification methods, gate valves can be divided into parallel gate valves, wedge gate valves, lifting gate valves, rotating rod gate valves, quick opening and closing gate valves, retraction gate valves, flat gate valves, etc.

4, characteristics of low fluid resistance, applicable pressure, temperature range, medium flow direction is not restricted, good sealing performance.

5, construction, installation points

1), the installation position, height, import and export direction must meet the design requirements, the connection should be firm and tight.

2) Handle of all kinds of manual valves installed on insulation pipes shall not be downward.

3) The appearance of the valve must be inspected before installation. The nameplate of the valve should comply with the provisions of the current national standard "Universal Valve Mark" GB 12220. For valves whose working pressure is greater than 1.0MPa and which play a cutting role on the main pipe, the strength and tight performance test should be carried out before installation, and the qualified back can be used. Strength test, the test pressure is 1.5 times the nominal pressure, the duration is not less than 5min, the valve shell, packing should be qualified without leakage. Tightness test, test pressure for nominal pressure 1.1 times; Test pressure in the test duration should meet the requirements of GB 50243 standard, to the disc sealing surface no leakage as qualified. Dark rod wedge cast iron gate valve

4) The handwheel, handle and transmission mechanism are not allowed to be used for lifting, and collision is strictly prohibited.

5) The gate valve with transmission mechanism shall be installed according to the instructions of the product.

6. Implement standards

1), product standard "General valve flange connection iron gate valve" GB/T 12232-2005 "Steel valve General requirements" GB/T 12224-2005 "pipeline steel flat gate valve" JB/T 5298-91 "Valve inspection and test" JB/T 9092-1999 "Standard for Safety Evaluation of Drinking Water Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials" GB/T 17219-1998

2) Engineering standard "Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Water Supply, Drainage and Heating Engineering" GB 50242-2002 "Code for Acceptance of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Engineering Construction Quality" GB50243-2002