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JF126-Wind power Brake bench brake

拉压传感器产生的毫伏信号经放大变成0~5V 的电压信号,再经采/保电路 A/D 转换及接口电路传递给计算机.计算机经过计算处理.送给显示器显示或打印机打印,控制信号通过接口电路 D/A 转换给伺服放大电路调整后控制执行机构.伺服阀进而推动液压缸而实现了剪切力的闭环控制.


⑧JF126 Series wind power brake stand

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Industry standard:

JBT 6406-2006 JBT 7020-2006

The millivolt signal generated by the tension and pressure sensor is amplified into A voltage signal of 0~5V, and then transmitted to the computer through the mining/protection circuit A/D conversion and interface circuit. The computer is processed by calculation. Send to the display or printer printing, control signal through the interface circuit D/A conversion to the servo amplifier circuit to adjust the control actuator. The servo valve in turn pushes the hydraulic cylinder to achieve closed-loop control of shear force.

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